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Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or held back by self-doubt? Do you long for a life filled with joy, health, abundance, and purpose? If so, you're not alone, and I'm here to help you transform your life from the inside out.

Client Success Stories

"I've worked with Carrie Marie for more than a year. I'm always amazed how excellent she is at whatever she does. She has a very full life and no matter what, she always has a very uplifting energy and always wants to learn more with the idea of being able to help other people with what she learns. I was guided by her through an alignment yesterday and I was amazed how good she was at explaining, like an expert with certainty! How good she was at holding the space in a way that was neutral, loving, but not indulging and not wanting to save me or anything like that. But just holding the space, knowing that I was going to shift whatever needed to shift. Her intuition also was excellent and the way that she guided me was absolutely fantastic. She's really a beautiful person, so it was really a treat and to have her work with me. She's excellent!"

-- MarieHelene R

"I’ve been working with Carrie Marie for about 10 months now. We recently did an intuitive alignment together around relationships, and I could immediately tell a positive shift had taken place. I have noticed some very positive changes in the areas we worked on. 10 out of 10! I would highly recommend Carrie Marie and the alignment method to anyone and everyone who has difficult relationships in their lives."

-- Keely D.

"Working with Carrie Marie helped me step out of my comfort zone to reach new heights in my life. Her transparency with her own life inspired me to be able to share my story with that same openness."

-- Dawn A.


Your Partner in Holistic Wellness, Faith, and Purpose

Carrie Marie, a devoted mother of three grown children, calls the picturesque landscapes of Upstate New York her home. She also shares her life with her husband and their three beloved cats and finds joy in outdoor pursuits like walking, camping, hiking, and horseback riding. An avid reader and lifelong learner, she’s passionate about empowering others to lead happier, healthier, more abundant lives.

Driven by a transformative health scare, Carrie Marie embarked on a holistic wellness journey, founding Building Upward, LLC, to guide others on their paths to well-being. She has shared her insights as a speaker, sharing the stage with notable figures like Ray Higdon, John C. Maxwell, and Tyler Watson.

Carrie Marie is the author of Mom Mantras: The Daily Affirmation Guide for Mothers of All Kinds, as well as the host of the Holistic Mama Speaks podcast, where she fosters discussions that empower mothers to lead more fulfilling lives. Her mission is to help mothers discover happiness and wellness in their motherhood journeys.

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